Hi, my name is Jon with no 'h' because it is actually Jonathan. With my lovely wife and four energetic young boys I live in Bristol, England where I have been the Tutor of Theology and Ethics at Trinity College since 2014.

As indicated on my CV and faculty profile, I have interests in writing and speaking on a wide variety of topics including church & pastoral theology, forgiveness & reconciliation, gender & ministry, film & fiction, and the works of Karl Barth & G.K. Chesterton. 

In 2013 I completed a PhD thesis under the supervision of John Webster about forgiveness in Christian life and community as articulated in Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Reconciliation. A revamped version of it will be published with IVP Academic in 2016. This was an interest instigated and deepened by Canadian Bible College, Briercrest Seminary and several pastoral ministries in Western Canada. 

Since its inception almost 10 years ago now, this blog has been about gathered thoughts for hopeful conversations. I've also blogged at Theology Out of Bounds with some office mates from College Bounds in Aberdeen. While I'll write with conviction I'll normally not be looking to give the final word, but to engage in discussion in this or any other venue, in the interest of mutual sharpening. 

It should go without saying but the opinions shared here are not in any way 'official'. Feel free to browse and to share, citing appropriately if you use anything. And check the ratings before you see  movies or books listed. I'm not recommending everything. To inquire about anything please drop me an email at coutts dot jon at gmail dot com.